Update Your Management Information Systems:

Implement New Enterprise Application Integration Software

Many of the best management information systems use Microsoft workflow solutions. Implementing new enterprise application integration software successfully requires effective process change management. Do you feel comfortable quarterbacking the implementation of a new management information system? Can you guide your team through an installation of this scope? Do you want to hear from experienced consultants who have successfully implemented a number of successful systems? 2B Diverse Workplace Integration Solutions specialists can help you and your business. Implementing new enterprise application integration software successfully requires all the pieces to fit together without a hitch at every step of the journey. Our experts manage this piece of the project so you do not have to worry about it and you can get on with running your business. Why is your management information system (MIS) so important to your business? Why does it require such a significant investment of time, people and money? Because an excellent MIS is the foundation of your business' success. Good information technology tools will assist you in managing and performing business activities that relate to information gathering and processing. As a business owner or manager, you will require good, reliable, and real-time data on which to base your decision making and problems solving: a cross-functional enterprise-wide management information system will enable your business to be responsive and to grow in new and existing markets.

Process Change Management

Do you worry about having the time to handle process change management at this level of information technology complexity; or do you even have the skills to attempt the change? This is another area where 2B Diverse can assist you. And just how do we do it? Our value-add to your implementation is our expertise in process change management. Our associates are experts in change management and take this into consideration when working with your staff by being aware of the stress a change in systems, and process re-engineering, entails. You will feel better when we help minimize the stress and the challenge of systems implementation, re-training and re-engineering. When you choose to work with us, you will find that we deliver exactly what we said we would – without question. Detailed deliverables will be spelled out in advance so you know where you are at every milestone.

Microsoft Workflow

The business analytics piece of our solution uses Windows Sharepoint Service, Excel or other familiar tools. The result is a seamless look into, and across, the entire organization using Microsoft Workflow. Your employees will be working with tools they already know: creating reports in Excel; exporting data to Word for creating invoices and sales orders; and synchronization with Outlook allows employees to schedule meetings, manage contacts and clients, and send emails without changing applications. The Microsoft workflow brings some familiarity to an already stressful time trying to deal with process change management and new business ERP software.

Management Information Systems and 2B Diverse Workplace Integration Solutions Specialists

As an experienced business software solutions provider, 2B Diverse works with business process automation software that integrates across all functional areas in the organization. Your business will be able to improve customer value and satisfaction with the right solution; contact us to help you improve access to information and business processing.